A place in the Sun 11 x 18 wc

Winter on the Heath 12 x 16 wc

Bus stop donkeys 11x14 wc

Sunshine ahead 11x14 acrylic.

Whats Up Duck 12x16 acrilyc

Sunflowers 36x24 acrylic

Big Nose 16x20 wc

Serenity Swan 20x16 acrylic

View to Cowes 12x16 wc

Foxgloves 8x20 acrylic

Zingy Summer Colour 12x12 acrylic

Handsome Boy 18x22 wc

Take my Hand 11x14 wc

Joy of Snow 10x12 wc

Gem of a Nose 17 x 21 wc

New Forest Sunset 16 x 20 acrylic

What are You Looking at? 12 x 16 wc

Cocksure 17 x 24 wc

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